Dropbox: In Value Territory (NASDAQ:DBX)


Relooking Dropbox

In 2021, I had written two deep dive articles on why I consider that Dropbox (NASDAQ:DBX) is a boring however steady and basically sturdy firm. Over the previous 1.5 years, Dropbox’s value has remained comparatively flat and

P/ARR Historical Multiple

P/ARR Historic A number of (SaaS Capital)

Knowledge by YCharts

Knowledge by YCharts

State of affairs 1 2 3
SBC % of FCF (43% in FY22) 45% 45% 40%
FCF ex SBC ($mn) 550 550 600
P/FCF A number of 15 20 25
Market Cap ($bn) 8250 11000 15000
Upside % from $8bn Market Cap (2Y Upside) 3.1% 37.5% 87.5%

Knowledge by YCharts

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